July 17, 2009
Michael Victorian
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AFGE Issues Statement Following Release of DoD's Task Group Recommendations on National Security Personnel System

(WASHINGTON) – Today, the Department of Defense Task Group issued a shortened version of its findings and recommendations on the National Security Personnel System. In response John Gage, AFGE national president released the following statement:

We are deeply frustrated with the report and with its attempt to salvage the fatally flawed National Security Personnel System. The report is very superficial. And while, it diagnoses the disease, that NSPS is both a flawed and failed, but it certainly doesn’t prescribe any cure, its termination.

The task force acknowledged in its findings that NSPS was extremely flawed. The report itself found that the system lacked transparency and trust. The Task Group said that NSPS could not be fixed, but had to be reconstructed from scratch.

For six years, the Department of Defense claimed that it knew what it was doing with NSPS. The report clearly demonstrates that the DoD creators of NSPS have no clue. This is just one giant experiment with hundreds of thousands of employees paying a significant price. It makes no sense to ask the same people who created this failed system to recreate it all over again. It would be a continuation of the same debilitating impact on morale and organizational performance, a continuation of unrest in the workplace, and a waste of scarce resources.

Even though the Task Group recommends that DoD continue the moratorium on transitions of more work units into NSPS and to continue to exclude bargaining unit and federal wage employees from being converted into the system. For the sake of good government, we will continue to press the Administration and the Congress for the complete elimination of NSPS.

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