June 23, 2008
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AFGE Launches Follow Up to Successful VA Funding Ad Campaign

(WASHINGTON) – As part of the campaign to increase awareness about the need for full VA funding, the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) launched a follow up viral video featuring union veterans directly addressing Senator McCain’s misguided proposal to voucher veterans’ health care.

In February Senator McCain, the Ranking Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, announced his plan for veterans’ health care would be to offer veterans vouchers to receive care at private for-profit health care facilities – an action that would be paramount to dismantling the current Veterans Health Administration.

“Senator McCain is one of the most prominent veterans in the country and should understand the severity of acting against the stability and well-being of his fellow veterans,” says AFGE President John Gage, “As pointed out in the video, we respect his service we just hope that he can respect the service of the 23 million other veterans living in the United States.”

The video’s theme follows that of previous campaign viral videos launched earlier in June. The union veterans appeal directly to Senator McCain, to fully fund the VA and to consider the impact of the measures he has taken against the VA and veterans’ health care – measures that include voting against increased funding for veterans health care and promoting privatization.

As the veterans in the video attest, “The VA is unique, veterans only, for problems unique to veterans.” “As the nation’s most prominent veteran and as ranking member of the Armed Services Committee, Senator McCain can not be allowed act against his fellow veterans without fully understanding the consequences,” says J. David Cox, AFGE National Secretary Treasurer who is also a former VA nurse. “By crippling the system, Senator McCain is jeopardizing the well being of those he claims to support.”

The ad can be viewed at or through AFGE’s VA campaign Web site,

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