June 06, 2008
Yasmín Fletcher
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AFGE Launches New Conflict Resolution Program

WASHINGTON— American Federation of Government Employees’ (AFGE) Women’s and Fair Practices Departments have launched its Conflict Resolution Program available for all AFGE locals.

The concept of the Conflict Resolution Program began at the 2003 National Convention with a resolution passed by the body. National President John Gage requested that the Women’s and Fair Practices Departments head the development of the Conflict Resolution Program which would help to resolve conflicts between members, as well as, members and their local leaders.

Sherri Bracey, program manager for the Women’s and Fair Practices Departments described the new Conflict Resolution Program. “It will become the first resort when conflicts arise, where members can go to work out internal problems that are appropriate for conflict resolution.”

The 2007 Human Rights Training Conference marked the beginning of the training process for the mediators of the Conflict Resolution Program.

Currently there is one mediator from each union district. However, in an effort to keep mediation completely confidential, the mediators are not allowed to oversee issues in their own district.

“The response from the members has been enthusiastic. We’ve had numerous requests and interest from members across the country to become mediators,” said Andrea E. Brooks, National Vice President of Women’s and Fair Practices Departments. “We are now working on getting the word out about this new service,” she added.

The Women’s and Fair Practices Departments has outlined the process of requesting mediation in their brochure, “AFGE’s Conflict Resolution Program: A Guide to the Process”. They have also advertised the program in other newspaper publications.

For more information on the Conflict Resolution Program please e-mail [email protected] Also visit the Women’s and Fair Practice Departments’ web site at

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