June 13, 2002
Diane S. Witiak
John Irvine
(202) 639-6419

AFGE Reaches 200,000 Mark

(WASHINGTON, D.C.)—200,287 government employees are proud members of the largest federal employees union—the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE).

The announcement was the first order of business at the union’s National Executive Council meeting held in Washington, D.C. the week of June 10, 2002.

AFGE has focused on building its membership strength in recent years and crashed through the 200,000 level of active members this week.

“AFGE is widely recognized as the voice for government employees,” said the union’s National President Bobby L. Harnage. “Our union and its members are working hard to create a customer-driven, high-quality government that meets the needs of the American people.”

“Employees recognize that they have much to offer and only by creating a strong collective voice can their views and concerns be heard at the workplace and on Capitol Hill,” added Harnage.

“As we look to government to secure our homeland and protect our citizens, AFGE will work to ensure that the government employees charged with these responsibilities are themselves provided with sufficient protections to get the job done,” Harnage concluded.

AFGE is the largest union for federal and D.C. government employees, representing 600,000 employees in the U.S. and overseas. To learn more about AFGE, log onto

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