May 31, 2006
Kurt Gallagher
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AFGE Social Security Council Tells Congress to Strengthen Social Security Services

WASHINGTON—The president of the National Council of SSA Field Operations Locals, Witold Skwierczynski, says proposals to cut the Social Security budget could have an impact on the agency’s ability to serve the public. Skwiercyznski recently submitted a statement to the House Ways and Means Social Security Subcommittee outlining ways to strengthen delivery of services to the public. He said that recent proposed budget cuts will make it increasingly harder to meet the demands that will be created by the oncoming wave of baby boomer retirements. The statement follows a recent hearing conducted by the subcommittee at which only Social Security Commissioner Jo Anne B. Barnhart testified.

“I strongly encourage Congress to hear from the elected union representatives of Social Security workers, who are at the forefront of providing service to the American people, about current needs and practical ways to improve delivery of service,” said Skwierczynski.

“With the aging baby boomer population, plus Medicare Part D, there is an even greater need for an increase in administrative resources at the Social Security Administration. There is a greater need for skilled SSA field service staff in particular,” Skwierczynski added. In the last 20 years SSA has lost some 20,000 employees.

Skwierczynski’s statement focuses on key SSA workloads that require increased staffing. The statement also identifies common sense approaches to streamlining procedures and conserving resources. "AFGE wants to raise awareness among members of Congress about the deterioration of service delivery and program integrity as a result of recent budget cuts," said Skwierczynski.

Council 220 Asks House Subcommittee to Strengthen Social Security Service Delivery

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