August 12, 2009
Michael Victorian

AFGE Statement on Draft Executive Order to Establish Labor-Management Forums

(WASHINGTON) – Today, John Gage, AFGE national president issued the following statement regarding the draft, released by the Washington Post, of an Executive Order to establish Labor-Management Forums:

While we are still waiting to see the final Order, we are excited that the Obama administration is looking to move away from the counter-productive, adversarial relationships of the previous administration. Beginning early in the transition process, AFGE has been at the forefront of advancing a working relationship between labor and management based on a keen understanding that the knowledge and foresight of frontline employees will be critical to any agency’s mission.

Labor-management relationships were proven successes during the Clinton administration’s partnership era. During that time, agencies like the Social Security Administration, the United States Mint, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency consistently out ranked companies like Disney and Nordstrom’s in the private sector in customer service.

We recognize that rebuilding labor-management relationships will be a great challenge, but the rewards will be even greater. Our members are mission driven and their expertise will be invaluable in transforming the federal government’s ability to better deliver services to the American people. We see the Labor-Management Forums, as described in the draft Executive Order, as an incredibly useful tool in restoring the dignity and service of the federal workforce.

We look forward to the release of the Executive Order actually establishing these forums and working with the Obama administration to restore good government.

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