February 26, 2009
Emily Ryan
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AFGE's TSA Campaign Takes off with New Video Series

(WASHINGTON)— Using information technology to enhance its organizing campaign, the American Federation of Government Employees recently launched a video series detailing its involvement at the Transportation Security Administration. With approximately 10,000 Transportation Security Officer members, AFGE is widely recognized as the union for TSA employees.

“AFGE has been the only union at TSA since the agency’s inception and we are very excited about the opportunity these videos give us to highlight our record of representation at TSA,” AFGE National President John Gage said.

The videos will be presented as a series of five shorts ranging from two to three minutes, and featuring AFGE staff, leaders and members. The videos tackle topics including federalizing the TSA workforce, the right to unionize, organizing efforts, attorney representation and TSA’s flawed pay-for-performance system.

“AFGE’s dedication to the TSA workforce is evident in everything we do,” Gage said. “Most of our work is behind the scenes, but with these videos, those efforts are brought to light.”

A new video will be released every two weeks and can be accessed at any of the following:

AFGE’s TSA Web site
AFGE’s TSA blog
AFGE’s Facebook page
AFGE’s YouTube page

The first video was released Feb. 11 and already has been viewed on YouTube alone more than 550 times.

Episode 1: AFGE's Fight to Federalize TSA

Episode 2: AFGE's Fight for TSOs to Unionize

AFGE is excited to announce the release of the first in a series of videos explaining AFGE's role as the only union to stand behind TSA employees from the beginning. AFGE, in fact, was involved before TSA was created, arguing the need for a federalized workforce. The first video details those efforts. Stay tuned for our next installment. Click the "HQ" button in the lower-righthand corner of the video to watch the High Quality version. The second video in AFGE's five-part series highlights AFGE's insistence that the TSA workforce be allowed to unionize--a right guaranteed to them by the U.S. Constitution.

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