October 20, 2015

Tim Kauffman

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Congress Must Pay Its Bills, Honor Commitment to all Americans

Categories: Washington, D.C.

Two weeks from default, head of nation’s largest federal union urges clean debt ceiling vote

WASHINGTON – Congress must honor its commitment to all Americans by raising the debt ceiling so government programs continue operating as scheduled, the head of the largest federal employee union said today.

“A vote to raise the debt ceiling isn’t a vote to increase our debt. It’s about paying the bills that Congress has already approved,” American Federation of Government Employees National President J. David Cox Sr. said. “Every American is expected to pay his or her bills on time. Congress needs to do the same thing.”

The government will default on its debts if Congress doesn’t raise the debt ceiling by Nov. 3, which is two weeks away.

Failing to raise the debt ceiling could leave the government without enough money to pay Social Security recipients or military and civilian government employees.

“Congress must honor its financial obligations and lift the debt ceiling so the federal government can pay all of its bills on time,” Cox said.

Cox also rejected a House proposal that would keep the debt ceiling in place but allow the Treasury to borrow funds for certain limited functions.

“Forcing the Treasury to pick and choose which bills to pay is a horrible way to run the government and would set a terrible precedent,” Cox said. “The House needs to stop playing politics with the government’s programs and services and pass a bill to raise the debt ceiling at once.”

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