March 22, 2006
Emily Ryan
(202) 639-6421

Customs and Border Protection Election Balloting Begins May 9

(Washington)—An election to determine which union will serve as the sole representative of the Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection employees has been set for this spring. The election will be strictly via mail ballots, which will be sent on May 9 and collected no later than June 22. Votes will be tallied on June 27.

“When push comes to shove, the American Federation of Government Employees is the best choice for CBP employees,” AFGE National President John Gage. “We are the sole union for DHS’ Border Patrol, Citizenship and Immigration Services and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. AFGE additionally represents Federal Law Enforcement Training Center officers, FEMA workers, TSA screeners, and employees of the United States Coast Guard.

“AFGE is the full package when it comes to DHS representation,” Gage added. “We are who DHS management and Congress listen to when it comes to American security. We are the voice of CBP workers, the voice of DHS employees, and the voice of government employees throughout America.”

AFGE has long served as the voice of the nation on issues of homeland security. It was the union that the media turned to during the U.S. ports fiasco, recording appearances on CNN, MSNBC, Westwood One Radio, the Associated Press, Knight Ridder, Washington Post and USA Today. Recent legal victories include winning arbitration that CBP must bargain with local unions—not simply with national unions—on issues covered by collective bargaining agreements; securing more than $20 million in unpaid overtime for DHS workers; and getting wrongfully terminated TSA screeners reinstated in Baltimore, Orlando and across the country.

“AFGE also is committed to maintaining a voice in CBP for agriculture specialists and technicians,” Gage said. Accordingly, the National Association of Agriculture Employees has urged its members to support AFGE in the upcoming election. (A number of Fraternal Order of the Police units also have backed AFGE in the election.)

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