November 28, 2006
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EPA Union Coalition Issues Joint Letter on Global Warming

CHICAGO - The coalition of labor unions for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced it has issued a joint letter protesting the lack of progress in addressing global warming due to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The coalition also is asking congressional leaders to support a vigorous program of regulating carbon and other GHG emissions in line with the principles of the Kyoto Protocol.

The coalition asserts this nation and the world are running out of time and cannot wait for even more evidence to accumulate about the speed of future warming and then drag out decisions on whether and how much to limit emissions. Prior to legislating carbon control, the coalition urges Congress provide oversight of U.S. EPA’s GHG emissions programs in order to allow Agency scientists and engineers to speak frankly and directly with lawmakers and the public regarding climate change without fear of reprisal.

The coalition urges Congress to establish a prudent environmental policy to abate and control GHG emissions, citing the current voluntary and incentive-based programs as inadequate. The coalition is also requesting that Congress aggressively oversee U.S. EPA's Clean Air Act procedures.

Letter from the EPA Unions Coalition

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