July 28, 2016

Tim Kauffman

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Federal Union Leader and Maryland Delegate Addresses Florida Delegation at DNC

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AFGE President says union members are “the last remaining reliable working-class Democratic voters”

PHILADELPHIA – American Federation of Government Employees National President J. David Cox Sr., spoke today to the Florida delegation about the November elections, the fight for VA healthcare, the rights of federal workers, and the danger posed by a Donald Trump presidency.

Cox’s full remarks are below:

“It is great to be here among so many good friends and fellow Democrats.

All of us have a week of speeches to listen to, and I will try to be brief. So here’s my main point today:

There is not one problem facing our nation that can’t be solved with more union members!

If you want to fight income inequality and restore the middle class, the solution is more union members.

If you want an economy where workers receive a fair share from growth and prosperity, the solution is more union members.

If you want federal, state and local governments to invest in schools, roads, policing and health care for all, the solution is more union members.

If you want a vibrant public sector that meets Americans’ needs for jobs, retirement security, clean air and water, the solution is more union members.

If you want to save our Veterans’ health care from attack ... and stop privatization that steals good jobs and rips off taxpayers ... the solution is more union members.

If you America to have the world’s best, most up-to-date and reliable infrastructure, the solution is more union members.

And if you want to win on November 8th ... and elections long into the future ... if you want President Hillary Clinton and Congress controlled by Democrats, the solution is more union members ... because union members are the last remaining reliable working-class Democratic voters.

Brothers and sisters, between now and election day, we’ve got to do everything in our power to make Hillary Clinton the 45th president of the United States ... because she will stand with us and fight for us in the White House.

And we’ve got to get serious about that dangerous demagogue the Republicans nominated. We cannot let him scam working people into blaming immigrants and African Americans for their problems, while he’s busy busting unions at his own hotels!

Donald Trump embarrasses some of even the most right wing Republicans ... precisely because he IS the modern-day GOP stripped of its dog whistles and taken to its logical extreme ... but if we take his defeat for granted, we’ll be in for a rude awakening come November.

So we’ve got to fight like our lives and livelihoods depend on it. We’ve got to register voters ... man the phone banks ... wear out the shoe leather going door to door ... protect voters’ rights ... and get out the vote like never before!

Because if we’re ever going to take back our country for working families ... November 8th is where it all starts.

So let’s fight fiercely with all the fire and fury we can muster.

Let’s organize, energize and mobilize.

Let’s educate, agitate and motivate.

Let’s incite, perspire, and inspire.

And let’s do it in unbreakable solidarity.

Because it’s all for one and one for all!

Thank you.”

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