October 14, 2014

Sydney Glass
Office: (202) 639-6421
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Call for Training, Equipment, to Prevent Ebola

WASHINGTON – In response to the recent Ebola crisis and the heightened risk for Transportation Security Officers, Border Patrol agents and other federal employees, the American Federation of Government Employees National President J. David Cox Sr. today issued the following statement:

“The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) urges the government to take all necessary measures to protect the public and government employees stationed at the U.S. ports of entry and other sites from potential exposure to the Ebola virus. We expect every precaution to be taken to detect and isolate infected travelers at the earliest point in their journey to the United States in order to minimize exposure and reduce the risk of infection.  

“Our members at TSA, Border Patrol and elsewhere have expressed concerns about their risk of exposure. AFGE is committed to continue working with management at TSA and the Border Patrol to ensure all appropriate precautions are in place, and to ensure that our officers receive the best prevention training and personal protective equipment available.”

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