January 27, 2010
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Michael Victorian
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Statement by AFGE National President John Gage on the State of the Union Address

The American Federation of Government Employees today stressed the need for strengthening government agencies and increasing vital services provided to the American public, in light of a struggling economy and a high unemployment rate. “We question why the administration is making cuts at a time when we need to be investing more into the economy,” said AFGE National President John Gage.

“At this point, we don’t know how this cap on spending will work. We need to look at the appropriations and see what’s been capped, what’s been expanded upon and how it will affect government employees. What we do know, is that any cuts cannot come at the cost of government agencies that are already struggling to provide the American public with the service they deserve. We can no longer afford to pander to Wall Street, corporations and insurance companies’ bonuses and payouts while hard working government employees can barely get the job done with the meager resources which they have been provided.

“We urge President Obama to continue to place the highest priorities on veterans’ care; protecting our nation’s borders; fully funding our federal prisons and the Social Security Administration to better protect our communities and serve America’s retirees; and appointing and confirming strong leadership at the head of the Transportation Security Administration.

“Now is the time to rearrange the priorities of this administration and take care of the middle class, to take back inherently governmental jobs, fight for real change for working families and further our shared goal of a better government for all Americans.”

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