March 08, 2011
Christina Erling

Statement of AFGE National President John Gage on the Attack on Public Workers

WASHINGTON -- American Federation of Government Employees National President John Gage today issued the following statement regarding the recent attacks on public workers:

“The American Federation of Government Employees stands in solidarity with our brothers and sisters across the country in states such as Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Political forces are using America’s economic woes to come after unions, to attack a worker’s right to collectively bargain. The economic plight in our country is about the lack of jobs and stagnant wages – getting rid of dues check off will not solve the states’ deficits.

The country’s deficit problem has nothing to do with federal and state workers. Pay freezes and proposals to cut pensions, health care benefits, jobs and collective bargaining rights are cynical, political theater. Cutting wages, benefits and jobs in the throes of a severe economic recession will only make matters worse. It fuels a "race to the bottom" that will further destroy the middle class.

AFGE stands ready to take action – to fight back – against this disingenuous assault on collective bargaining in our states. This country needs a comprehensive plan to create good jobs with good wages to get our economy moving again. What we don’t need is an attack on the middle class."

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