June 11, 2010
Enid Doggett

Michelle Grooms

"Vincent Gray for D.C. Mayor," Says Nation's Largest Federal Union

(WASHINGTON) – In a rare move today, the nation’s largest federal and DC employee union, American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), and its board of directors met with D.C. Council Chair Vincent Gray to discuss a strategic plan to gain national support for the Vincent Gray for Mayor Campaign. Although AFGE had announced its endorsement of Gray weeks ago, the board, which is comprised of labor leaders from across the country, voted unanimously to support Vincent Gray on a national level.

“This election will undoubtedly impact the future of labor in Washington, D.C.” said Dwight Bowman, AFGE’s 14th District national vice president. “We understand that this election is a fight for the soul of the District of Columbia, and that’s why we’re supporting Vincent Gray.”

AFGE National President John Gage agrees. “We must restore workplace rights to those who have been unjustly targeted by one of the most fanatically anti-worker administrations in the country. As a means to right the direction of the nation’s capital, AFGE has declared its national support for the current City Council Chairman Vincent Gray in his run for mayor.”

At the meeting, Gray promised not to do anything for or to labor, but to work with labor to ensure that employees are treated fairly. “Unions are not here to protect workers who perform subpar but are here to make sure that workers are not mistreated,” said Gray.

Following the meeting, Gray, along with AFGE’s leadership, conducted a lunchtime wave where Gray was warmly greeted by D.C. voters and workers.

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