Do's Checklist

  • Do visit lawmakers while on leave 
  • Do write lawmakers using your own personal computer, stationary and postage or union bought stationary and postage 
  • Do distribute copies of AFGE flyers, action faxes, sample letters and other information to AFGE members before or after work “off the clock” and at local union meetings.
    • Do invite AFGE members and potential members to “off the clock” meetings at the worksite in a break room or if at a DoD location to an offsite location.  Ask participants to use union bought paper and pens to write a brief letter or fill out a fax to their member of Congress during the meeting.  You can also pass around a personal or union cell-phone to permit members to call lawmakers right then.
    • Do, if a union official on official time and under the provisions of a collective bargaining agreement which allows such conduct, contact lawmakers using government telephones provided to the union. 
    • Do under a collective bargaining agreement or based on past practices, use an agency's mail delivery, e-mail, inter-office phone or other communication system to advise employees of:

                        - AFGE's position on certain legislation
                        - the contents of specific legislative proposals
                        - when Congress may mark-up a legislative proposal
                        - when Congress may vote on a certain issue
                        - when AFGE is to testify on a certain legislative issue

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