National Emergency Truth and Poverty Bus Tours

AFGE is standing in solidarity with the Poor People’s Campaign’s 2019 National Emergency Truth and Poverty Bus Tour. The Poor People’s Campaign was founded in 2017 by Reverend William Barber, who issued a call for a national moral revival in naming the campaign after the 1968 anti-poverty efforts led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Below, you will find a list of events that are part of the 2019 National Emergency Truth and Poverty Bus Tour. The events are meant to shift the narrative, build power, and impact policies and elections around issues affecting the poor across each state. The tour will shed light on the conditions facing poor and disposed folks as well as the organizing efforts to combat these injustices.

We are encouraging all AFGE locals to get active in this campaign! If your local would like to participate in an event near you, use the link below to contact your LPO, who will help you get involved.

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