Budget Letter to the Editor Sample

Dear Editor, 

As a both a private citizen, and as a proud member of the American Federation of Government Employees, I would like to inform your readers about the value government employees bring to our community. 

I am an employee of  (YOUR AGENCY) in (YOUR CITY/TOWN), and I have dedicated my life’s work to [INSERT MISSION OF THE AGENCY]. Every day my coworkers and I do our job providing much-needed services to the American taxpayer, yet face constant attacks from political insiders looking to cut our pay, retirement, and jobs. The President’s proposed budget is no exception. 

If enacted, the Administration’s budget will rob tens of thousands of dollars from the paychecks and retirement benefits of federal workers. It will drastically cut the services millions of Americans rely on every day – including many of us here in (YOUR CITY/TOWN). And it will do nothing but pay for tax cuts for the wealthy. 

Federal employees are not the problem. People like us are already struggling to make ends meet. We shouldn’t have to give up our retirement so some wall street money man can buy another yacht or have a better vacation. 



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