Peer Review

The Peer Review Panel is a system in which TSOs may take their grievances and some appeals to a panel at the local airport. An employee may bring to Peer Review any matter that may be grieved under TSA MD 1100.77-2, and, with limited exceptions, matters that may be appealed under the provisions of TSA MD 1100.77-1.

Peer Review Procedures

If an employee would like to have their disciplinary action, matter of concern, or dissatisfaction relating to his or her employment resolved in front of a Peer Review Panel, he or she must contact the Peer Review Support Office (PRSO) at (571) 227-5065 and submit a written request for Peer Review within 15 calendar days of Management's decision or action being challenged or 15 calendar days of the receipt of a disciplinary decision letter. The PRSO can deny an employee’s request for peer review for the following reasons:

  • The matter cannot be decided by a peer review panel.
  • The requested remedy is not personal to the employee.
  • The requested remedy is not within a peer review panel's authority.
  • The employee did not request a peer review panel in a timely manner.
  • The employee does not provide information requested by the PRSO or does not diligently pursue his or her case.

After the PRSO receives the employee's request, the office will advise Management at the airport of the request. TSA has 7 calendar days to file a response to the notification of the PRSO.

Peer Review Hearing Process

The five-person panel is comprised of three "peers" (TSOs for a TSO grievant; LTSOs for a LTSO grievant; and STSOs for a STSO grievant) and two members of Management. Panels reviewing covered actions greater than a Letter of Reprimand must include, at a minimum, a manager at the Transportation Security Manager level or equivalent.

Panel member are selected at random by the affected employee no earlier than 14 days prior to the panel meeting. The grievant will draw six names from the pool of peer volunteers at random. The grievant can strike one person and choose two alternates and three panelists to serve on the panel. The grievant will then draw five names from the pool of management volunteers at random. The grievant can strike one person and choose two to be alternates and two panelists for the panel. The Peer Panel Facilitator (PPF) will notify the proper management staff of an individual's selection to serve on a panel.

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