The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) is the largest federal employee union proudly representing 700,000 federal and D.C. government workers nationwide and overseas. Workers in virtually all functions of government at every federal agency depend upon AFGE for legal representation, legislative advocacy, technical expertise and informational services.

Agency Specific Campaigns:

All Agencies AFGE Represents:

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Parent AgencyAgency InitialsAgency Name
Broadcasting Board of Governors BBG Broadcasting Board of Governors
Commodities Future Trade Corp CFTC Commodities Future Trade Corp
Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC Consumer Product Safety Commission
Chemical Safety Board CSB Chemical Safety Board
Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency CSOSA Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency
DC Government DCWASA DC Water and Sewer Authority
DC Government DCG DC Government
DC Government DCGCC DC Government Office of the Attorney General
DC Government DCGDE DC Government Department of Employment
DC Government DCGDH DC Government Department of Health
DC Government DCGES DC Government Environmental Services
DC Government DCGFD DC Government Fire Department
DC Government DCGHA DC Government Housing Authority
DC Government DCGMP DC Metropolitan Police
DC Government DCPR DC Parks And Recreation
DC Government DCDMV DC Department of Motor Vehicles
DC Government DCDFHV DC Department of for Hire Vehicles
DC Government DCDOT DC Department of Transportation
DC Government DCDPW DC Department of Public Works
Department of Homeland Security DHSHQ Department of Homeland Security HQ
Department of Homeland Security CISA Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency
Department of Homeland Security CSI Chemical Security Inspectors
Department of Homeland Security CIS Citizenship and Immigration Services
Department of Homeland Security BPA Border Patrol
Department of Homeland Security CBP Customs and Border Protection
Department of Homeland Security FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
Department of Homeland Security ICE Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Department of Homeland Security INS Immigration and Naturalization Service
Department of Homeland Security FPS Federal Protective Service
Department of Homeland Security TSA Transportation Security Administration
Department of Homeland Security USCG US Coast Guard
Department of Homeland Security EML Environmental Measurement Laboratory
Department of Homeland Security USCGA US Coast Guard Academy
Department of Homeland Security ICE-PRO Immigration and Customs Enforcement Professional Staff (Attorneys)
Department of Commerce NIST National Institute of Standard and Technology
Department of Commerce OS Office of Secretary
Department of Commerce NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Department of Commerce CENS Bureau of Census
Department of Commerce EDA Economic Development Administration
Department of Defense DTRA Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Department of Defense DCAA Defense Contract Audit Agency
Department of Defense DCMA Defense Contract Management Agency
Department of Defense NAF Non-Appropriated Funds
Department of Defense NAVY Navy
Department of Defense ANG Air National Guard
Department of Defense ARMY Army
Department of Defense AAFES Army & Air Force Exchange Service
Department of Defense ACOE Army Corps of Engineers
Department of Defense DEA Department of Defense Educational Activity
Department of Defense DECA Defense Commissary Agency
Department of Defense DFAS Defense Finance Accounting Services
Department of Defense DISA Defense Finance and Accounting Service
Department of Defense DLA Defense Logistics Agency
Department of Defense DMPO Defense Military Pay off
Department of Defense DOD Department of Defense
Department of Defense MEPS Military Entrance Processing Service
Department of Defense DMEDA Defense Media Agency
Department of Defense NAVYSE Navy Region Southeast
Department of Defense FISCSE Fleet Industrial Supply Center Southeast Region
Department of Defense CNRSE Command Navy Region Southeast
Department of Defense NAVFACSE Navy Facilities Region Southeast
Department of Defense USUHS Uniform Services University of the Health Sciences
Department of Defense AFMC Air Force Materiel Command
Department of Defense USAF United States Air Force
Department of Defense USMC United States Marine Corps
Department of Defense USNA United States Naval Academy
Department of Defense NGT National Guard Technician
Department of Defense NG National Guard
Department of Defense DHANCR Defense Health Agency National Capital Region
Department of Defense PFPA Pentagon Force Protection Agency
Department of Defense DODDS

Department of Defense Dependents Schools

Department of Defense AFSOC Air Force Special Operations Command
Department of Defense AFRH Armed Forces Retirement Home
Department of Defense MCAS Marine Corps Air Station
Department of Defense DODFC DOD Federal Contractors
Department of Defense DTIC Defense Technical Information Center
Department of Energy DOE Department of Energy
Department of Education DOED Department of Education
Department of Education OCR Office for Civil Rights
Department of the Interior NPS National Park Service
Department of the Interior FAWS Fish and Wildlife Service
Department of the Interior USGS US Geological Survey
Department of the Interior NPSNE National Parks Service Northeast Region
Department of the Interior DOI Department of the Interior
Department of the Interior BLM Bureau of Land Management
Department of the Interior BOR Bureau of Reclamation
Department of Justice BOP Bureau of Prisons
Department of Justice EOIR Executive Office of Immigration Review
Department of Justice PTSA Pre-Trial Services Agency
Department of Justice USM United States Marshals
Department of Labor DOLHQ Department of Labor Headquarters
Department of Labor OASAM Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management
Department of Labor OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Department of Labor BAT Bureau of Apprenticeship Training
Department of Labor DOL Department of Labor
Department of Labor DOLAT Department of Labor Apprenticeship Training
Department of Labor DOLEN Department of Labor Workers Comp Energy
Department of Labor DOLET Department of Labor Employee and Training Administration
Department of Labor DOLFC Department of Labor Office of Federal Contract Comp Program
Department of Labor DOLFE Department of Labor Workers Comp. Federal
Department of Labor DOLJC Department of Labor Job Corps
Department of Labor DOLLO Department of Labor Workers Compensation Longshore
Department of Labor DOLLS Department of Labor Statistics
Department of Labor DOLMS Department of Labor Mine Safety and Health Administration
Department of Labor DOLOA Department of Labor Office of Administrative Services
Department of Labor DOLPW Department of Labor (Pension and Welfare Benefits)
Department of Labor DOLSH Department of Labor Safety and Health Administration
Department of Labor DOLSL Department of Labor Office of The Solicitor
Department of Labor DOLVE Department of Labor Veterans Employment And Training Services
Department of Labor DOLWB Department of Labor Women's Bureau
Department of Labor DOLWH Department of Labor Wage And Hour Division
Department of State DOS Department of State
Department of State AID Agency for International Development
Department of Transportation DOT Department of Transportation
Department of Transportation PHMSA Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration
Department of Transportation NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Department of Transportation FTA Federal Transit Administration
Department of Transportation OST Office of the Secretary of Transportation
Department of Transportation FMCSA Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Department of Transportation FAA Federal Aviation Administration
Department of the Treasury IRS Internal Revenue Service
Department of the Treasury MINT United States Mint
Department of the Treasury CUSTO Customs Inspectors
Department Veterans Affairs VA Veterans Affairs
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity
Environmental Protection Agency EPA Environmental Protection Agency
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission FERC Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Federal Trade Commission FTC Federal Trade Commission
Government Printing Office GPO Government Printing Office
General Services Administration GSA General Services Administration
General Services Administration EB Export Bank
Health and Human Services HHS Health and Human Services
Health and Human Services CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Health and Human Services CMS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Health and Human Services NIOSH National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
Health and Human Services IHS  Indian Health Service
Health and Human Services FDA Food and Drug Administration
Health and Human Services NIH National Institutes of Health
Housing and Urban Development HUD Housing and Urban Development
International Boundary and Water Commission IBWC International Boundary and Water Commission
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority MWAA Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
National Archives and Records Administration NARA National Archives and Records Administration
National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
National Gallery of Art NGA National Gallery of Art
National Science Foundation NSF National Science Foundation
National Science Foundation NEA National Endowment of the Arts
National Science Foundation NEH National Endowment Humanities
National Transportation Safety Board NTSB National Transportation Safety Board
Overseas Private Investment Corporation OPIC Overseas Private Investment Corporation
Office of Personnel Management OPM Office of Personnel Management
Private Sector PS Private Sector
Alaska Railroad AKRR Alaska Railroad
Railroad Retirement Board RRB Railroad Retirement Board
Small Business Administration SBA Small Business Administration
Smithsonian Institute SI Smithsonian Institute
Social Security Administration SSAODAR Social Security Administration Office of Disability Adjudication and Review
Social Security Administration SSAPC Social Security Administration Payment Center
Social Security Administration SSAGC Social Security Administration General Committee
Social Security Administration SSAOHA Social Security Administration OHA
Social Security Administration SSAFA Social Security Administration Field Assessment
Social Security Administration SSAFO Social Security Administration Field Office
Social Security Administration SSATSC Social Security Administration Teleservice Centers
Social Security Administration SSAHQ Social Security Administration Headquarters
Social Security Administration SSAOHO Social Security Office of Hearing Operations
US Department of Agriculture ERS Economic Research Services
US Department of Agriculture NIFA National Institute For Food and Agriculture
US Department of Agriculture FPAC Farm Production and Conservation Business Center (FPAC)
US Department of Agriculture ARS Agriculture Research Service
US Department of Agriculture FGIS Federal Grain Inspection Service
US Department of Agriculture RD Rural Development
US Department of Agriculture USDAGN US Department of Agriculture General
US Department of Agriculture AMS Agricultural Marketing Service (Meat Graders)
US Department of Agriculture RHS Rural Housing Service
US Department of Agriculture FS Forest Service
US Department of Agriculture OGC Office of the General Counsel
US Department of Agriculture NRCS Natural Resources Conservation Service
US Department of Agriculture FNS Food and Nutrition Service
US Department of Agriculture APHIS Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
US Department of Agriculture OCFO Office of the Chief Financial Officers
US Department of Agriculture FHA Farmers Home Administration
US Department of Agriculture FSA Farm Service Agency
US Department of Agriculture FSIS Food Safety and Inspection
US Department of Agriculture AGRI Department of Agriculture
US International Trade Commission USITC US International Trade Commission

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