132 Lawmakers Join Opposition to Union-Busting Executive Orders

Hundreds of lawmakers are now telling Trump to stop his union busting.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky of Illinois wrote a July 9 letter to Trump. It was signed by 132 members of Congress – including more than half of the Democratic caucus and more than one-fourth of the U.S. House. This is the fourth group of lawmakers who sent this kind of letter calling on him to rescind the three executive orders that seeks to purge America’s unions and undermine America’s workforce’s workplace rights under the law.

“Federal workers are public servants who deserve the workplace rights and protections that last month’s Executive Orders would take away. Those Orders are unfair and will make it harder to attract and retain a qualified federal workforce,” the letter states. 

Our union thanked the lawmakers for speaking up in support of federal employees and their rights under the law. We filed lawsuits challenging President Trump’s directives.

President Trump seems to believe he’s above the law, but we will not be intimidated by his illegal tactics. We will not allow this or any other administration to trample on the Constitutional rights of federal workers. 

The July 9 letter was a result of the hard work of our legislative team and strong relationships between our districts and locals, their members of Congress, and our unwavering ally Rep. Jan Schakowsky. 

The letter follows separate letters sent to the White House by a bipartisan group of 44 House members and 45 Senate Democrats urging President Trump to rescind the executive orders, as well as an amicus brief filed by a bipartisan group of current and former lawmakers in support of lawsuits filed by our union and other federal unions. 

What you can do now 

Don’t get mad. Fight back! There are many things you can do to fight the EOs now: 

  • Call, email, and write your members of Congress 
  • Have a friend write a letter to their members of Congress 
  • Schedule a visit with your members of Congress 
  • Write a letter to the editor 
  • Take your fight to social media
  • Wear red to our events (stay tuned) 

Please visit www.afge.org/FightBack for details. 

Red for Feds Day of Action 

Our union has filed lawsuits against the administration and has been joined by other unions. The hearing is set for July 25, which is our Red for Feds Day of Action. We will gather in Washington, D.C. and take action in our communities nationwide.

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