AFGE Urges Passage of Paid Parental Leave Technical Correction Bill

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AFGE is urging Congress to pass a bill that would ensure that all federal employees have access to 12 weeks of paid parental leave before the new benefit takes effect Oct. 1 this year.

In a huge victory for AFGE, the paid parental leave bill was signed into law last month. AFGE fought hard to make sure all AFGE members were covered, but the language as passed left some federal employees out of the bill’s coverage, such as those at the FAA and TSA employees who are not screeners. Thanks to AFGE’s lobbying efforts, the law specifically included Transportation Security Officers. Even though Title 38 employees at the Department of Veterans Affairs were also left out because of the VA’s lobbying efforts to except them, the VA now says all VA employees, including Title 38 employees, will be covered.

The union is now working to make sure the benefit is extended to all 2.1 million federal employees. The Federal Employee Parental Leave Technical Correction Act , introduced by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, would provide that technical fix.

AFGE thanks Sen. Brian Schatz, D.-Hawaii, for trying to address this technicality right after the bill became law before the holidays. Sen. Schatz was instrumental in the passage of the original paid parental leave bill.

AFGE is working with members of Congress to pass Schumer’s bill, S. 3104, before the benefit takes effect Oct. 1.

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