AFGE Wins 5 Union Elections!

Categories: VA, EPA

AFGE welcomes new members to the AFGE family after having won five elections during the past two weeks:

  • 475 Professional employees at the San Diego VA hospital. The vote was 110 yes, 42 no.
  • 200 physicians and dentists in Phoenix. The count was 65 yes, 4 no. The employees will join Local 2382 which now represents all eligible employees at the Phoenix VA.
  • A small group of 5 EPA employees in Dallas who report to HQ were added to AFGE’s nationwide EPA unit.  The count was 4 yes, 0 no. The employees will be represented by Local 1003.
  • 37 guards at Ft. Meade, MD. The vote was 25 yes, 2 no. These employees join other employees at Ft. Meade already represented by AFGE Local 1923. 
  • 25 Vocational Rehab the Veterans Benefits Administration, Regional Benefits Office, San Diego. The vote was 8 yes, 6 no. 

“These are important new victories in difficult areas that demonstrate that workers want to join AFGE to add their voice to the struggle for workers’ rights,” said AFGE President J. David Cox Sr. “It also demonstrates that if we dedicate the resources to asking unrepresented federal employees to join AFGE, they will. We need every employee in the fight.”

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