Big Night for Labor

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Nov. 7 was a big night for union members as labor-backed candidates from coast to coast cruised to victory as voters turned out to enact real change.

AFGE congratulates and thanks union members who helped get out the vote for pro-labor candidates for Virginia’s and New Jersey’s gubernatorial races. Union members, including AFGE’s, had been canvassing for Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam and Phil Murphy who won the races in Virginia and New Jersey respectively. Voters flipped control in at least 15 House districts in Virginia. Forty-three rank-and-file union members were elected to public office in New Jersey.

Electing candidates who support working families is more important now than ever considering how the wealthy and big corporations are trying to influence policies and laws that enrich themselves at the expense of working people. A tax plan proposed by House Republicans, for example, would lower the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 20 percent while raising taxes on 31 percent of middle-class Americans by 2017. There have also been efforts to expand the Right to Work (for Less) law across the country.

“We need elected officials who believe in our government and the civil servants who serve the American people,” said AFGE Political Director Tucker McDonald. “We need elected officials who support strong public schools, affordable health care, good jobs, and secure retirement. In other words, we need policies that work for everyone, not just the powerful selected few.”

Thanks everyone who helped get out the vote for pro-labor candidates! When we come together, we win!

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