Do You Know How To Maintain And Manage Your Retired Members?

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Managing retirees via MyLocal3 is among the duties of the financial officer. While the process of managing retirees is similar to the process of managing Active members (non-retirees), there are a few significant steps that, if missed, can inadvertently lead to a member dropping from the rolls. 

The basic steps are:

Retaining Retiree Membership:

  1. Collect the dues from the new retiree in accordance with your local bylaws. Be sure to get a correct home address, cell phone and nongovernment email. Typically, you will collect the dues once per year, though that is up to the local.
  2. In MyLocal3, update the member’s record under “Member Type” by going to the drop-down list and selecting “Retired” in place of “Active.” Click “Update Information” to save changes.

Reinstating Retiree Membership:

If the member has dropped for any reason and wants to renew their membership without a break in service, reinstate them within the first 90 days of drop date to ensure that their record remains in good standing. If your members are agency tape, they will drop and you must reinstate them as retirees.

  1. In MyLocal3, click “Reinstate a Member,” search for the member you wish to reinstate and click the “Reinstate Member” icon next to the member’s name to open their record. In the record, click “Without Break in Services” and make any other updates, including changing the Member Type to “Retired”
  2. Click “Reinstate” in the lower left corner to save changes.

Some tips:

  • You can set a universal renewal time frame rather than collecting dues on each individual’s anniversary date. The local may choose to make the balance of the first year free up to that renewal date.
  • Dues should be in the local’s bylaws, including special provisions, such as making the first year free or setting a one-time lifetime fee for retirees.
  • If the retiree has met the local’s dues policy and has dropped off your records inadvertently, contact Syed Faisal at Data Processing to provide documentation and get assistance with the reinstatement, [email protected], 202-777-3052.

If you need assistance, call or email the Retiree Program:  Julie Tippens, [email protected], 202-639-6409; James Harley, [email protected], 202-639-4103.

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