House Set to Vote Next Week to Allow VA Managers to Fire Anyone, Anytime

One in three VA employees are veterans, but that doesn’t stop elected officials from the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs from passing legislation that would give VA managers a green light to fire front line employees whenever, wherever.

The committee on Wednesday approved S. 1082, a bill that would eliminate virtually all workplace protections against retaliation and discrimination. AFGE whistleblowers who blew the whistle on secret wait lists, Legionnaire’s disease, and severe shortages of psychiatrists would no longer have civil service protections that would allow them to build their case against retaliatory personnel actions if they report future wrongdoing and mistreatment of veterans.

The bill was introduced by Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida.    

By passing this bill, these elected officials are destroying the civil service not only at the VA but the entire federal government as this kind of bill would quickly make its way to other federal agencies.

The House of Representatives is expected to vote on a similar bill, H.R. 1994, introduced by Rep. Jeff Miller of Florida, next week.  It has not yet been determined when the full Senate will vote on the Rubio bill.

Click here to see how S. 1082 and H.R. 1994 would undermine veterans and those who take care of them.

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