How to Hire More Veterans? The Government Paves the Way

Veterans love working for the federal government, and the federal government loves them back. The federal government last year hired 71,867 new veterans — 6,000 more than it did the year before. Thanks to the Obama administration’s initiative to push for more hiring of our nation’s heroes, the number of veterans in the government grew from 512,000 in 2009 to 623,000 today. 

“To veterans, working for the federal government is another chance to serve their country and fellow Americans,” said AFGE President J. David Cox Sr. “I’m so proud that AFGE as the largest federal employee union gets to serve those who served our country.”  

Veterans are an integral part of our government. From medical breakthroughs to public safety, government programs create safe and thriving communities that help move our country forward. Veterans also are crucial to the success of one agency in particular – the Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans receiving care at the VA view VA hospitals as their community as a large number of VA employees are veterans. 

With a large number of veterans employed by the federal government, AFGE is proud that our work helps secure funding and resources for agencies that directly benefit our nation’s heroes. 

Here are the top 5 agencies that are home to veterans:  

  • Defense: 47.3% 
  • Transportation: 36.7% 
  • Veterans Affairs: 32.9% 
  • Homeland Security: 27.9% 
  • Justice: 25.1% 

Are you a civil servant who is also a veteran?  

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