Introductory Stewards Training Now Online

Introductory Stewards Training Now Online

Attention AFGE stewards: you can now complete introductory stewards training online!

Worksite Representatives: Online Essentials is a fully online self-paced training available in our new learning management system (LMS), called AFGE Learn! Complete the eight interactive modules and quizzes to earn your badge for Worksite Representation: Stewards Essentials.

What you will learn:

  • The duties and responsibilities of an AFGE Steward and union representative

  • How Chapter 71 of the United States Code, “the Statute” impacts your role and rights as an AFGE steward.

  • How represent members at a formal meeting.

  • How to represent members in the grievance process

  • How to engage and mobilize in the workplace

Be among the first to earn your Stewards Essentials Badge, logging into AFGE Learn and enrolling in the Stewards Essentials Class by completing a series of self-paced online modules in AFGE Learn.


AFGE Learn is our new Learning Management System and one-stop-shop for all things training at AFGE.

From the homepage, you can:

  • Link to all our online toolkits

  • Access our growing digital library of free training materials and publications

  • View a schedule of upcoming online classes and live training events

  • Enroll in self-paced online classes and virtual web-based trainings

At AFGE Learn, you can:

  • Earn badges and certificates for the courses you complete in the LMS.

  • Create a personalized learning profile and record of your course completion.


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