The True Cost of Expanded Privatization at the VA

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The Department of Veterans Affairs was created to provide medical care and other benefits to our nation’s veterans.

As the world’s most comprehensive health-care system for veterans, the VA specializes in illnesses unique to veterans, such as traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It is leading the way in research and medical breakthroughs, saving countless lives and winning Nobel Prizes and other prestigious awards along the way. In addition, the VA has consistently out-performed the private sector in quality of care and patient safety.

For the VA to continue to excel and make improvements, the agency needs to be fully funded and fully staffed.

Sadly, corporate greed knows no boundaries. Powerful special interests see the VA as a money-making opportunity, not an agency meant to help veterans.

Through their allies in Congress, they have been enriching themselves by slowly dismantling the VA so that more and more veterans are sent to for-profit hospitals and clinics. Politicians last year passed the VA MISSION Act, an important law that will fast track privatization of the VA under the disguise of helping veterans. But it’s really all about padding the bottom line of corporate special interests.

Don’t be fooled by the political leadership’s propaganda about how the MISSION Act will help veterans. It won’t. It is instead tearing down the VA, the lifeline for those on the front lines.

Who will pay the ultimate price for VA privatization under the MISSION Act?

Our veterans.

Repeal the MISSION Act.

Our veterans deserve the best care, which can only be provided by the VA.

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