These Are the People Who Voted to Cut Your Pay, Pension

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The House of Representatives this week voted to approve a funding bill that would make it harder for you to work and retire with dignity. See who voted against you here. Check out what they plan to do to you and your family here

AFGE President J. David Cox Sr. called the vote “a declaration of war” on the very people who defend this country and its citizens. 

“The House budget plan, if enacted, would slash the pay, benefits and jobs of federal employees at an unprecedented scale. VA nurses caring for our veterans would receive a 6% pay cut – the same as losing over three weeks of pay. Food safety inspectors would see their health insurance costs spiral out of control. Border Patrol agents near retirement would see their 401k interest accrual slow. To make matters worse, the budget continues the draconian across-the-board spending cuts at non-Defense agencies known as sequestration, which will erode vital services that benefit Americans on a daily basis. 

“I urge the Senate to reject these cruel and self-defeating attacks on the government’s workforce as it debates its own budget resolution. High-minded rhetoric about fiscal restraint cannot mask the effect of these cuts on working people. We need a budget policy that ends corporate welfare for overseas tax cheats, promotes job creation here at home, and helps lift millions of working Americans out of poverty through fair wages and benefits.”  

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama vowed to veto any bill that continues sequestration cuts.

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