FLRA Says Education Department Engaged in Union Busting

In the first victory against the Trump administration’s efforts to purge unions, our union prevailed in an unfair labor practice charge against the Department of Education, which had unilaterally imposed its own illegal edict on 3,900 federal employees. 

A Federal Labor Relations Authority investigator has found that the Department of Education acted unlawfully when it unilaterally imposed its own contract on the employees in March.

“The FLRA investigator has found merit in the unfair labor practice charge that we filed in March after Education Department management walked away from the bargaining table and imposed its own illegal management edict,” AFGE General Counsel David Borer said. “We urge Education officials to return to the table to negotiate a fair and just contract, which all employees deserve.”  

The FLRA’s findings delivered a significant blow against the administration’s attempts to purge unions from the federal workplace as federal agencies are beginning to implement the administration’s three illegal executive orders gutting workers’ rights and imposing illegal contracts.  

“We’re putting all agencies on notice that they cannot use President Trump’s illegal and unconstitutional executive orders as a cover to bust unions and gut employees’ rights,” Borer added. 


Department of Education Aims to Bust the Union by Terminating New Contract 

Biggest Violations of Education Dept.’s Illegal Edict 

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