E-Dues: Frequently Asked Questions for Members

New Members

Q: How do I sign up for AFGE E-Dues?

A: Simply go to www.joinafge.org, select your agency and local, and complete the brief form. The whole process takes no more than 5 minutes.

Q: I’m not comfortable giving my credit card or banking information. How can I know my info is safe?

A: AFGE will not be storing anyone’s financial information on our equipment. Your payment will be processed by one of the largest payment processors in the world, which is certified at the highest level of security for customers’ financial information.

Q: Why can’t you just deduct dues from my paycheck like you do now?

A: There are moves underway to eliminate dues on the federal level. That’s why we built AFGE E-Dues, which collects membership dues through convenient bank draft or credit card payment. E-Dues puts union members in control of their dues dollars, not those that may wish us harm.

Q: How does this change the process for dropping out now that the agency is not involved?

A: Just like now, you will have the opportunity to leave 30 days before your anniversary date of signing up with AFGE. You will need to alert your local president (or designated local AFGE official) in writing during that time so they can end your dues. You may also send notice to [email protected].

Q: If I give you my credit card now, can I update to bank draft later?

A: Yes. You may manage your Payment Method by logging into AFGE.ORG and visiting MyProfile. 

Current AFGE Members

Q: I already pay dues. Why do I have to sign up again?

A: There are moves underway to eliminate dues on the federal level. We need to be proactive and stay ahead of the storm. We can’t afford to wait until it’s too late.

Q: How do I switch from payroll deduction to E-Dues?

A: In order to end your government dues deduction and sign up via AFGE E-Dues, you need to drop your current payroll deduction first. Do this by contacting your local union representative to submit your Agency Dues Cancellation Form (SF-1188 or, if you work in TSA, Form SF-1158). After submitting your agency dues cancellation form, simply go to www.joinafge.org, selected your agency and local, and fill out the enrollment form.

Q: If I submit my 1188 then sign up for E-Dues, won’t I be double-billed?

A: You may, depending on how quickly your agency processes your Form 1188. Immediately after you enroll in E-Dues electronic payments, an option to select a future first E-Dues payment date will be offered. Your Local will guide you to an appropriate date, if your Agency is taking significantly longer than average to process dues forms.

We apologize in advance for any overlap created by the agency. We will refund you of any proven overlap. If you encounter double dues, please contact us at [email protected].

Q: I’m not comfortable downloading my financial information to your phone/tablet/computer.

A: The whole join process is web-based, meaning no financial information is stored by AFGE on any device. The moment you click “Join” your information goes to a 3rd party payment processor that handles the actual withdrawal of dues. The processor manages $20 billion each year in charges and serves more than 100,000 business in the U.S. It’s data security rating is at the highest level of PCI compliance, meaning you can rest assured your data is stored in the digital equivalent of Fort Knox.

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