National Office Directory

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Office of the National President

Everett Kelley, National President
(202) 639-6435 (phone) 
(202) 639-6490 (fax)

Office of the National Secretary-Treasurer

Eric Bunn Sr., National Secretary-Treasurer
202-639-6438 (phone)
202-639-6437 (fax)

Women's & Fair Practices Departments

Jeremy Lannan, National Vice President for Women's and Fair Practices
(202) 639-6416 (phone)
(202) 639-4107 (fax)
[email protected]

Building Operations

Shaun Gregory, Chief Engineer
(202) 639-6459 (phone)
(202) 639-6492 (fax)


Andrew Huddleston, Director
(202) 639-6419 (phone)
(202) 639-6441 (fax)


Faye Beardsley, Director
(202) 639-6445 (phone)
(202) 639-6442 (fax)

Jeanne Che, Operations Manager/Supervisor
(202) 639-6445 (phone)
(202) 639-6442 (fax)

Information Technology Services

Taylor Higley, Director
(202) 639-4015 (phone)

Technology Help Desk
(202) 639-4015 (phone)

Office of the General Counsel

David Borer, General Counsel 
(202) 639-6415 (phone) 
(202) 639-6441 (fax)
[email protected]

Field Services and Education

Julie Mendez-de Leon, Deputy Director of Education
(202) 639-6463 
[email protected]

Chris Cayer, Confidential Assistant to the Director
(202) 639-8507
[email protected]

Legislative, Political & Mobilization Department

Julie Tippens, Department Director
202-639-6409 (phone)
[email protected]

Kevin Cooper, Political Director
(202) 203-9663 (phone) 
[email protected]

Amy Lloyd, Mobilization Director
(202) 639-6457 (phone) 
(202) 639-6492 (fax)
[email protected]

Membership & Organization Department

David Cann, Director 
[email protected]

(202) 639-6410 (phone) 
(202) 827-7950 (fax)

Public Policy Department

Jacqueline Simon, Director 
(202) 639-4010 (phone) 
(202) 639-6492 (fax)

Human Resources Department

Dr. Jeannette Frett, Director
(202) 639-6494 (phone) 
(202) 639-4019 (fax)
[email protected]

Service Department (Printing/Graphics)

Tim Colbert, Supervisor 
(202) 639-6449 (phone) 
(202) 639-6442 (fax)

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