Eric is a hands-on National President. Elected in 2013, he brings more than twenty-three (23) years of AFGE membership and experience to the labor movement.  He is overall responsible for the day to day operations of the Council and supervises its national office and employees in the organization.  President Young also has oversight responsibilities of the National Executive Council.  The Council assists with the supervision of 105 Locals, which contains 30K bargaining unit personnel in the United States, and the US Territory and Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.  

CPL-33 remains the most organized council within AFGE. National President Young’s work puts him in contact with local elected leaders who serve on the front lines at BOP’s 122 facilities.  He regularly assists with labor management relations’ disputes and third party hearings, primarily arbitrations.  Eric has many collateral roles in the Council as an advocate, trainer, organizer, negotiator, and lobbyist. Eric incorporates a strong sense of unionism with an unflagging dedication to AFGE and the Council of Prison Locals. Before becoming National President, he served in the position of southeast regional vice-president from 2007-2013 and culminated in positions locally, before serving as the president of AFGE Local 501 from 2000 - 2007.  

Eric has bargained collective bargaining agreements, arbitrated numerous cases successfully as a local and national figure.  He continues to play a vital role in the CPL regularly speaking publicly with news media. Eric has successfully completed Cornell University’s prestigious National Labor Leader Institute (NLLI) course.  He is the recipient of multiple AFGE District and CPL Awards and in 2016, he was bestowed with the coveted MLK Labor Leader Award by the National Action Network for his advocacy on Criminal Justice Reform.  Eric’s vision is to ensure local union leaders are highly trained, skilled and motivated to ensure they are taking care of our BOP’s most valuable resource (the employees).

E.O. Young
National President 

409 Cleveland Ave
Forrest City, Ar 72335
Council Office: 870-633-0508
Council Fax: 870-633-0717
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