THE PREA JPC Met April 28-30, 2015 

Sexually Abusive Behavior Prevention Intervention Program   



April 28-30, 2015

Darrell Palmer, NERVP Paul Layer
Sandy Parr, NFPC Kenneth Hyle
Ray Osorio, FDC Houston  Alix McLearen
William Boseman, FCC Butner  Jill Roth
Maurice Britt, FCI Tallahassee  
Chris Campbell, FCI Waseca  


The week of April 28 thru 30th, 2015 JPW PREA

The day beganwith the Introduction of the above listed participants. The first item of discussion was what we have worked on in the pass meeting. We stared to discuss the rule language and review questions and concerns that were received back from the field after the 30-day review.

The group agreed to add the new rules language to the Inmate Search Policy 5521.05.

The agency will continue to comply with Title VII and other Equal Employment Opportunity Commission authorities in implementing this policy.

Cross gender staff may operate electronic devices revealing body contours if appropriate filters are used.


Electronic devices.  Inspection of an inmate’s person using electronic devices (for example, metal detector, ion spectrometry device, or body imaging search device) does not require the inmate to remove clothing.  The inspection may also include a search of the inmate’s clothing and personal effects.  Staff may conduct an electronic device search of an inmate on a routine or random basis to control contraband.

Language was adjusted to better protect staff from inmate allegations. The group felt the current language was not strong enough in the safeguarding ofstaff from inmate allegations.  

The group decided that Inmates who have been found to make false allegations are recommended for placement in the Posted Picture File in accordance with the policy on the Posted Picture File.

The group also discussed cross gender visual search this issue is still pending a new stand-alone policy.

The group then went back through the summery of changes to make sure everything we agreed upon was correct.

The group finished PREA Regulations 5324.11 it is being sent to IPPA for formatting.

The group that worked on this past and present has done an outstanding job. Taking in the consideration the impact this policy presents to the field on all levels.

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