Stewards Checklist

  • A current list of the workers in the bargaining unit. Names and contact information for all bargaining unit members.   
  • An organization chart of managers and supervisors.
  • Management's personnel manual, if there is one (or any other employer policies in printed form).
  • Civil service rules (if applicable).
  • A map of the worksite including the types of work, shifts, job titles and position descriptions within the bargaining unit.
  • A seniority list of your workers (if applicable).
  • The contract and any side letters.
  • Local union constitution and bylaws.
  • A directory of local leaders and district representatives. 
  • New Member Welcome Packet: Organizing materials for new members, including authorization cards, copies of the contract, your union's Web site and email address, and your locals constitution and bylaws.
  • Grievance investigation forms and a report on the status of any unresolved grievances and/or pending arbitrations.  
  • Federal and state health and safety regulations.
  • Federal and state labor laws and court decisions. 

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