Our Leadership


Sabrena Gillespie, President


Raquel Rushing, Executive Vice President

 Being elected by acclimation, Raquel recently became the Executive Vice President of Local 2022 after first serving as a Union Steward and then Chief Steward. She has been integral in numerous grievances, restoring pay, and challenging performance evaluations. During her time with Local 2022, she has been a part of the Legislative Committee, Women’s and Fair Practices Committee, Communications Committee, Bargaining team and is the current YOUNG coordinator. Raquel recently won AFGEs first ever Lift Every Voice award, illustrating her dedication to progression, not only in the Labor movement but injustices everywhere. Raquel has been a federal employee for over 8 years and looks forward to doing her part to continue to push Local 2022 as well as AFGE forward. 

Raquel holds a Bachelor's of Science degree from California State University, Long Beach. 

Kenneth Wray, Treasurer

Landen Saffles, 1st Vice President & Legislative Political Coordinator

Landen Saffles joined the federal workforce as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at Blanchfield Army Community Hospital in 2016.  Inspired by his grandfather, a lifelong unionist with United Steel Workers, Landen joined AFGE immediately after becoming a federal employee, volunteering to become a Steward shortly thereafter.  A professional social worker by training and experience, Landen has drawn on the legislative and organizing skills of this background in his work to advance our local's interests and membership growth.  He has served as 1st Vice President since October 2018 and as Legislative Politcal Coordinator since June 2018.

Landen graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Tennessee (Master of Science in Clinical Social Work) in 2012 and from East Tennessee State University (Bachelor of Social Work) in 2010.  

Cassandra Bass, 2nd Vice President

Cassandra currently works for Department of Defense at Child Youth Services as a Lead Child Youth Program Assistant. She has been employed with Child Youth Services since 1993. Cassandra joined AFGE Local 2022 in 2011; and became a steward in 2013.

In March 2017 she was elected 6th vice president, and elected 2nd vice president in September 2020. Cassandra has also served as the Women’s Fair Practice Coordinator since 2017. During her tenure with Local 2022, she continues to assists her co-workers with questions and work-related obstacles. Cassandra’s goal is to resolve all issues at the lowest level possible. Cassandra work to build trusting relationship with all government employees.  

She has found that every problem does not have to go through a full grievance process.

Cassandra is a 2015 graduate from Hopkinsville Community College majoring in Early Childhood Education; she is currently a student at Southern New Hampshire University where she is majoring in the Human Services field with a concentration of Child and Family Services. Cassandra looks forward to graduating with a Bachelor’s of Art degree in May of 2022.

Candee Civils, 3rd Vice President

Candee currently works for Department of the Army Child and Youth Services.  Candee joined the AFGE Local 2022 in 2014. In 2017, Candee became a Union Steward. During Candee’s time as Union Steward, she worked continuously to help her fellow coworkers and members resolve issues at the lowest level. In 2020 Candee was elected 3rd Vice President for Local 2022.  Candee continues to work diligently.  Candee holds degrees from The University of Kentucky and Murray State University.

Pamela Dent, 4th Vice President


Fourth Vice President Pamela Dent has been a member of Local 2022 for five years. Presently she is the Acting Chief Steward for our Local. She is a member of the Women and Fair Practices (WFP) committee. She is a graduate of Liberty University. Pamela holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management which will allow her to effectively contribute to our local union and community.

 Tony Taylor, 5th Vice President



  • Chuck Bailey, AF (DPTMS/ATC)

  • Kilo McTassney, AF (DES/Fire Dept)

  • James Stanley, AF (DES/Fire Dept)

  • Dexter Beamon, AF (DES/DASG)

  • Keith Norton, AF (DES/DASG)

  • Michael Hatmaker, AF (DES/DACP)

  • David Ohman, AF (DPW/Elec Shop)

  • Ashlea Woods, AF (MEDDAC/Lab)

  • Greg Barnett, AF (EMS/MEDDAC)

  • Tobi Young, AF (BACH/EBH1)

  • Deltrise "DiDi" Brown, AF (BACH/ICU)

  • Julius Woods, AF (BACH/Nutrition Care)

  • Joyce Westfall, AF (DENTAC/Kuhn)

  • Nathan Totman, NAF (Air Assault Auto)

  • Candee Civils, NAF (CYSS CDC 2)

  • Camilla Johnson, NAF (Clks Base PFC)

  • Raquel Rushing, NAF (CYSS Gate 10 SAC)

  • Angela Garcia, DECA (QAE/COR)

  • Ben Clay, DECA (Meat Dept.)

  • James Austin, Advantage (Supply)

  • Tommy Prince, Advantage (ITD)

  • Johnny Bennett, Advantage (ITD)

  • Michael Cheatham, (Safety)

  • Steed Smith, Advantage (Saber Airfield Blgd. 6648)

  • David Carver, J&J (MEDDAC)

  • Rita Wallace, J&J (MEDDAC)

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