Resources for Legislative Activism


Stand with us to make the voices of federal employees heard by our lawmakers.  Here's how...

Contribute to AFGE PAC 

Help us strengthen your voice -- click on the PAC image above to learn more about how you can do this through AFGE PAC!  Joining AFGE PAC is one of the most powerful steps you can take as a union member to fight for your rights, benefits, and pay -- because it helps us support and re-elect leaders in Congress who support you.  Click here to learn more about why you should support AFGE PAC, and start today!

Learn, Speak, Vote

Making union rights and federal employee rights a bipartisan issue is critical to the our mission.  Below you will find important resources to help you advocate effectively for your rights, benefits, and pay as a government employee.

  • Current legislation AFGE supports and opposes
  • Find your elected officials in Congress
  • Click here for tips about how to communicate effectively with your Member of Congress (MoC).  
  • Search for current legislation effecting government employees and other issues you care about on the US Congress website.  
    • (Tip: For the best results, choose key words or short phrases related to the legislation, or if you already know the name and/or number of the bill you want to find, search using the bill's name or number [for example, Bill Name: FAIR Act OR Bill Number: H.R. 757/S. 255]). 
  • Have you written, called, or met with your Member of Congress (MoC)? Don't forget to report back!  Keeping us posted of when and how often you talk to your legislators helps strengthen our voice when we can prove members' level of engagement.
  • Need information on voting and voter registration? Click here

Download and Use the Activist App!

AFGE has developed our Activist App, which has all the resources you will need to lobby your members of Congress, tell us about your hard work, get support from our organizers, and much more-- all in minutes from your phone!  Click on the Activist App image above for the link to download the app today!

  More coming soon!

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