The New Threat Facing Small Airports - Aug 2018

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TSA Officers Participate in #RedForFeds Day of Action

On July 25, AFGE members nationwide participated in the Red for Feds Day of Action. More than 2,000 AFGE members, dozens of lawmakers, over 100 union presidents, and members from other unions gathered in front of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to protest the administration’s union-busting executive orders. In addition to the main rally in Washington, D.C., AFGE members held more than 65 protests across the country to challenge the executive orders that seek to take away federal employees’ workplace rights.

Some AFGE TSA members traveled to D.C. for a rally on the steps of the courthouse where AFGE lawyers were arguing our case, while others participated by wearing a red shirt or sticker.

We want to keep the momentum going and show our managers and the country that the work we do is critical. Every Wednesday going forward is Red for Feds Wednesday! Ask your local president or union representative how you can wear something red to work on Wednesday, and share a picture of yourself and your coworkers on social media using the hashtag #RedForFeds. Please make sure you are not on government time or property when you take, or share, your photos.

Click here to visit our Red for Feds page and learn more.

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The New Threat Against Small Airports

TSA is considering a proposal to eliminate passenger security screening at more than 150 small and medium-sized airports across the country—a move that could have grave consequences.

According to reports, TSA claims the move could save $115 million annually, but the plan has little regard for the safety of the flying public.

Passenger safety, not saving a buck, should be our main priority. Eliminating passenger screening functions at smaller airports is a recipe for disaster. AFGE is urging TSA to reject any proposal to eliminate screening functions at airports and make aviation safety a budgetary priority.

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AFGE Members Win Against Privatization Threats at Several Airports

2018 has been marred with threats of TSA privatization at airports nationwide. From one airport to the next, airport boards and authorities are threatening to contract out TSA jobs to for-profit companies.

Earlier this year, AFGE members successfully fought back against the privatization of TSA jobs at Orlando International Airport. When AFGE and TSA Council 100 received news that a board vote to privatize Orlando Airport was on the horizon, AFGE activists leaped into action. With less than a few weeks' notice, AFGE organized a major campaign with rallies and partner organizations to roll back the proposal to outsource national security.

In April, TSA officers in Puerto Rico faced a similar threat as San Juan International Airport threatened to privatize the workforce. AFGE Local 557 members quickly organized rallies, press events, and meetings to stop the privatization efforts in its tracks. Local 557 members organized a townhall meeting and appeared on several local news shows to speak out against privatization. They also connected with lawmakers to express their concern about the proposal to privatize TSO jobs the airport. As a result, the contractor’s application was denied.

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AFGE Enforces the Collective Bargaining Agreement

The AFGE TSA Council 100 and local leaders are holding TSA’s feet to the fire. In the last few months, AFGE TSA Officers successfully overturned several disciplinary actions, collective bargaining agreement violations, and other decisions.

TSA Officers at AFGE Local 2222 in Newark/New York, Local 449 in Charlotte, Local 1127 in Phoenix, and Local 802 in Nebraska successfully won cases against TSA’s violation of the collective bargaining agreement. These included unfair performance ratings, unfounded AWOL charges, and unmerited sick leave restrictions. AFGE TSA leaders also called the agency out on violating the uniform and tattoo policies.

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AFGE Fights Against Unfair Discipline

From unfair reprimands to suspensions and removals, AFGE is committed to holding TSA accountable. AFGE TSA leaders did not stand idly by as TSOs at airports across the country were being disciplined without cause. The officers spoke up, AFGE fought back, and as a result several TSOs had disciplinary actions reversed.

AFGE TSA Local 1040 in Dallas, Local 2222 in Newark, Local 778 in Detroit, Local 449 in North Carolina, Local 555 in Nashville, Local 1234 in San Diego, and Local 1260 in Los Angeles all had major wins after TSA officers were removed, suspended, or disciplined. Because of AFGE TSA leaders fighting on their behalf, TSOs at these airports received backpay and reduced suspensions, and had letters of reprimand removed.

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AFGE Success at the Office of Professional Responsibility Appellate Board (OPRAB)

AFGE TSA leaders continue to stand up for TSA officers who are unjustly terminated and suspended by filing cases for review with TSA’s Office of Professional Responsibility Appellate Board.

AFGE Local 333 in Philadelphia, Local 1234 in San Diego, Local 2222 in New York, Local 802 in Nebraska, Local 1260 in Los Angeles, Local 555 in Chattanooga, and Local 889 in Minneapolis successfully appealed several cases at TSA’s appellate board. Thanks to AFGE, TSA officers have been reinstated with backpay after the board overturned their terminations. One TSO at JFK Airport received six weeks of backpay after TSA unfairly suspended him indefinitely. Another officer got his job back after being removed for medical reasons. AFGE was also able to help other TSOs have their removals lessened to suspensions.

If you believe TSA has violated the collective bargaining agreement or you have been unfairly disciplined or terminated, please speak with the AFGE local representatives at your airport.

For a copy of the current AFGE-TSA Contract, click here.

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