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According to the Federal Reserve and CFSI, over 180 million Americans are struggling with some or all aspects of their financial lives. Many of those consumers are living paycheck to paycheck and struggling with significant outstanding debt. 44% of Americans are revolving a balance on their credit card, of those the average balance is over $15,000.

Debt settlement is a solution for a member who is not able to pay off debt through credit counseling's debt management plan, but at the same time does not want to declare bankruptcy. While entering the debt settlement program will impact a member's credit score, the impact is less severe than if the member declared bankruptcy. The member's credit score will recover by the graduation from the program.

This program:

  • Helps members eliminate debt faster by negotiating with their creditors to reduce the amount the member owes.
  • Help members who are dealing with a financial hardship (ex. medical emergency, loss of job, reduced income, unexpected expense, divorce, etc...)
  • Allow members to pay off outstanding debt with a monthly payment that is lower than their current monthly payments.
  • Provide members with referrals to other Union Plus programs that may be better suited for the member's financial situation than debt settlement.


  • Free debt evaluation and options.
  • Ability to settle debt for less than the amount owed.
  • Flexible, low monthly payments.
  • Debt free in 24 to 48 months.
  • Members can call and talk to a Certified Debt Consultant seven days a week for assistance.
  • Members receive up to a $500 contribution towards the member's first settlement.
  • If the Debt Settlement Program is not appropriate for the member, Freedom will refer them to another Union Plus provider.

Toll-free Benefits Line:
(888) 844-2343

Programs are subject to change.

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