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Union Plus Legal Program

You can find reliable advice at an affordable price if you need legal help or simply have a question of a legal nature.
Union members have free access to basic legal services or can upgrade to a higher level of legal service at a discounted price

Union Plus Legal Program – Basic

Your registration gives you free access to basic legal benefits
  • Free initial thirty-minute consultation
  • 25% discount off attorney’s hourly or flat rate fees
  • Over 6.800 participating law firms
  • Virtually all types of legal matters are eligible.
  • After registration, you'll be provided with the toll-free number to call for a referral
  • From CLC Incorporated (CLC), a leading provider of legal programs since 1986 

Union Plus Legal Program – Premium

For a low fee of $19.95 a month*, you'll have access to a network of experienced attorneys, ready whenever you are. Unlimited access to legal assistance

  • All attorney fees are paid by the plan fpr covered members
  • Expert legal advice and representation in person or by phone
  • Network of 15,000+ attorneys
  • No limitations such as hour or dollar caps on covered matters
  • The Premium Plan does NOT cover employment, workers comp or  SS disability
  • From Hyatt Legal Plans, a MetLife Compa
A plan covers the member, their spouse/domestic partner and their dependents as defined by IRS regulation

 Enrollment Periods

 Open Enrollment Period

  • Members can enroll in the MetLaw plan during an open enrollment period in 2019, the initial launch year. Offers a two-month open enrollment period from October 1 to December 31, 2019.
  • Thereafter, there will be one month annual open enrollment period: November 1 to November 30
  • Open enrollment period cost:  annual enrollment billed at $19.95 per month.


Evergreen Enrollment

  • Members can enroll in the MetLaw plan outside of the Open Enrollment Period, but at a higher cost:
  • Evergreen enrollment plan cost:  annual enrollment billed at $22.95 per month.

Attorney Participation

Hyatt Legal Plan
Access Hyatt Legal Plan panel requirements and application materials for attorneys.


CLC Legal Plan 
Request CLC Legal Plan panel requirements and application materials by contacting CLC Provider Relations at 800-517-6174.


Toll-free Benefits Line:
(888) 844-2343

Programs are subject to change.

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