Elements of an Effective Message

Use the list below to create a persuasive and effective message for your targeted audience. Download a flyer with this information.

An Effective Message is Clear and Concise

  • Don’t over explain your issue
  • Start where common ground can be formed with your audience

An Effective Message Connects with a Person’s Interests

  • A message is a conversation
  • A good conversation is mutually respectful, interesting and informative
  • A good conversation invites the person in

An Effective Message Communicates Our Values

  • Don’t just talk about people losing their jobs
  • Talk about the value of ensuring economic opportunity or good jobs for all Americans
  • Key Words: We are caring. We believe in freedom, opportunity, community, honesty, trust, service and protecting our country

An Effective Message Is Useful Only If That Message Is Repeatedly Delivered

  • Individuals are bombarded with hundreds of messages every day
  • The way to break through is for everyone to stay on message
  • The way to stay on message is to be disciplined

An Effective Message Might Be:

  • “Just Do It”
  • “Protecting America and Winning the War on Terrorism Is My Number One Priority”

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