Department of Agriculture (USDA)

AFGE Stands with USDA Workers

AFGE supports the more than 100,000 USDA employees across the country who ensure the safety of our food supply, work to improve our health through dietary guidance and nutritional research, grant loans and assistance to farmers, and sustain our farmlands and grasslands to meet the needs of generations to come. Our union is committed to protecting the pay, benefits, and workplace rights you deserve.

What has AFGE done for USDA workers?

  • Fought privatization of federal meat inspection
  • Successfully prevented sequestration-related furloughs
  • Fought the “Filthy Chicken Rule,” a proposal to increase line speeds to 175 carcasses per minute

How do I join AFGE?

With threats to the USDA like the Filthy Chicken Rule, there’s strength in numbers – together, we can fight dangerous budget cuts and save your jobs. Follow these simple instructions to join.

  • Download & complete this form.
  • Mail completed form to: AFGE Attn: USDA Membership 80 F Street NW Washington DC 20001
  • Or Fax the form to 202-355-6491, Attn: USDA Membership
  • If you have any questions on how to fill out the form, please call toll free: 866-392-383


AFGE Council 45 supports the thousands of dedicated Food & Consumer Safety Inspectors working on the front lines of the meat, poultry, and egg products industries, usually under unsafe conditions, and safeguarding the American food supply.

Contact AFGE at USDA

Stan Painter

NJC Chairman, AFGE Council 45
Southern Council
4673 Country Road 24
Crossville, Al 35962
Phone: (256) 659-3391
Fax: (256) 659-3395
Email: [email protected]

Join the Conversation

Inspectors are invited to the Council's Chat Room every Sunday at 7 p.m. (CT).

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