Council 241 Current Issues

Government Shutdown Threat: AFGE Council 241 is actively mobilizing employees and Union members across locations and urging them to contact Congressional and Senate leaders urging them to approve a budget to keep the government open, as a proactive effort. Every federal employee deserves a paycheck and should be able to come to work, continue to provide the services to our nation that are provided each day, and be able to support our families without fear of a shutdown. We are prepared to fight this fight on behalf of all federal employees, including all Census employees.

Master Labor Agreement: We are continuing to work on our first joint labor agreement for all Census employees represented by Council 241. This agreement promises to improve working conditions for all employees. We have completed all but one Article to date. Union and management are scheduled to reconvene to work toward completion during the week of October 5, 2015.

New Work for Census: We are currently working with the leadership to identify new work opportunities for NPC in the future, consisting of both external government customers, as well as internal Census customers. These efforts, once accomplished, should result in additional work for most Census employees across all locations.

Future of ACS Project: AFGE Council 241 continues discussions with ACS sponsors, Census leadership and employees on how to improve the response rate and achieve overall success with the survey, which is the main project that Census conducts on an ongoing basis and most employees at all locations are involved in. Additionally, AFGE Council 241 is beginning discussions with AFGE National Political staff to seek assistance in approaching Congressional Appropriations Committee members to explain the importance of the survey on a National level. 

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