DEFCON Virtual COMET Instruction

AFGE’s Membership & Organization Department and DEFCON are hosting Virtual COMET (Condensed Organizing, Mobilization, Education, and Training) instruction via Zoom this fall. COMET will provide participants with training on various organizing techniques, including one-on-one communications, flyer development, group recruiting techniques, workplace mapping, and mobilization. 

Below you will find detailed course descriptions and links to register for one of the two-day instruction periods. All of the course components will be completed during each two-day training, so members only need to select one of the training periods depending on which dates work best for your schedule.

Registration Details

Registration will be first come, first serve with class occupancy capped to ensure maximum participation. Note: The use of official time is not appropriate, and compensation for lost time will not be made by AFGE or DEFCON. 

Training will be held on Saturday and Sunday – both days are mandatory for satisfactory completion of the training and eligibility for DEFCON volunteer status. All of the course components will be completed during each two-day training. 

Who should attend: Executive Board Officers, Stewards, Organizing Committee Members, Activists, Workplace Leaders, etc. 

Training dates: Click below to register for one of the two-day instruction periods. Upon successful registration, a confirmation email with additional information will be sent.

COMET Course Component Descriptions 

Organizing Basics

Participants will learn the fundamental components of organizing, the roles and importance of membership growth, how to identify employee issues, how to differentiate among the types organizing events and their effectiveness, and review resources available to assist in their organizing efforts. 

Art of One on One

This is a very informative course that will increase the participant’s “one on one” organizing skills. An integrated role-play component will enhance the participant’s skills in dealing with and responding to various hardened characteristics found in many workplaces, and help participants build relationships with workers while educating their peers about the union. 

New Employee Orientation

This session will help participants develop a strong, positive, and comprehensive presentation that is politically neutral but expounds upon the achievements of AFGE, and help participants develop a functional tool for time management during a new employee orientation. 

Lunch & Learns, METROs

Participants will be able to differentiate among the various organizing events used throughout AFGE, develop strategies to overcome objections to joining, and acquire skills and review best practices that will facilitate and optimize successful group organizing events. 

Mobilization Basics

Participants will acquire an understanding of the basic structure, functions, and physics of mobilization, as well as understand developments of a mobilization strategy that moves workers to action. 

Organizing with Mapping

This session will equip participants with the knowledge necessary to create a strategic map of their Local and devise a strategy to effectively and efficiently plan their Local’s mobilization and outreach efforts. Group exercises will provide participants with an opportunity to analyze template strategic plans to gain critical insight into the mapping process for various federal agencies. 

Leadership and Committee Development

Participants will develop skills to assist them in the development of committees, identify individuals with prime characteristics for committee selection, and understand the various functions performed by committees. 

Mobilizing our Power

This session will provide participants with an opportunity to apply core principles and best practices at their worksite within a 30-day timeline and report-out to the Membership & Organization Department and their respective Districts.

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