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AFGE’s DEFCON is guided by an official rulebook called the Articles of Procedure and Operation. On March 31st, 2003, AFGE locals representing DoD employees adopted the Articles of Procedure and Operation, formalizing the governance of the Defense Conference (DEFCON).





For the purpose of promoting unity of action in all matters affecting the mutual interests of workers providing service in the Department of Defense (DoD), we as members of the American Federation of Government Employees Defense Conference adopt these Articles of Procedure and Operation.

Article I - Name and Affiliation

Section 1. This advisory organization shall be known as the American Federation of Government Employees Defense Conference, hereinafter referred to as DEFCON.

Article II - Objectives

Section 1. The DEFCON is an advisory body empowered to make recommendations to the AFGE National President. It shall have no authority to represent, conduct business on behalf of, or to bind, incur liability upon, or enter into contracts for AFGE, absent express authorization from the National President.

Section 2. The objectives of DEFCON shall be:

to promote the legislative agenda of locals whose members work within DoD;
to provide information and solicit views of DoD locals concerning matters of importance;
to promote training of local activists in the pursuit of DEFCON goals and objectives;
to promote organizing and the recruitment of members within DoD locals;
to provide recommendations, information and insight in DoD and service agency reorganizations and activities that impact AFGE locals to the National President and NEC DEFCON Committee;
to participate in activities consistent with the objectives, principles, and intent of AFGE.
to work issues of common interest as they specifically relate to the Federation’s members employed by DoD.

ARTICLE III - Membership

Section 1. All DoD locals have the right to voluntarily become a participant in DEFCON.

Section 2. All DoD Local Presidents shall be encouraged to participate in the annual meeting of DEFCON on behalf of their respective memberships, and may designate for participation as many other local members in good standing as appropriate. All locals will be notified of the annual meeting 60 days in advance by the DEFCON Steering Group (DSG).

Section 3. In all matters before DEFCON at its annual meeting, each local is entitled to one vote.

ARTICLE IV - Governing Body

Section 1. The DEFCON is comprised of specific groups of AFGE locals/councils not presently represented by another caucus group. Each caucus group shall select a Caucus Chair to serve as the representative for that group on the DEFCON Steering Group (DSG).

Section 2. In agencies or services represented by a council of AFGE, that council, under it’s own Constitution and By-Laws, rules and/or procedures shall determine who shall represent that council as the Caucus Chair.

Section 3. Caucus groups determine their own internal structure and selection of their respective Caucus Chair.

Section 4. Caucus chairs shall select from among themselves a Chairperson for the DSG.

Section 5. Terms of office for non-council Caucus Chairs and the DSG Chair shall be for a period of three years, beginning with their selections made in conjunction with the Legislative Conference in 2005.

Section 6. Creation or addition of Caucus Groups, if requested, will be first addressed to the DSG. The DSG will review the appropriateness of the request and present its support or objection to the creation/addition to the DEFCON to the National President who will render a decision.

Section 7. Caucus Chairs shall select from among themselves a Vice Chairperson for the DSG, not of the same agency or council as the Chair.

Section 8. Chairperson shall not vote except in the case of a tie.

Article V - Budget

Section 1. DEFCON shall publish a three-year planning cycle in conjunction with the AFGE National Convention. This planning cycle will include a budget.

Section 2. At its fall meeting, the Caucus Chair will propose an annual budget for the approval by the National President.

Section 3. The National President is responsible for making all expenditures.

Section 4. The National President shall ensure that all expenditures are audited annually.

Section 5. A copy of the approved budget shall be provided to each DoD Local President.

Article VI - DSG Meetings

Section 1. The DSG shall meet monthly, either electronically/telephonically or in person as set forth in Section 2.

Section 2. The DSG shall meet four times per year in person, twice in conjunction with the meetings of the NEC, once in conjunction with the Legislative Conference and once at the call of the DSG Chair.

Section 3. All face to face meetings shall be open to members to attend as observers. Attendance of observers shall not be funded by DEFCON.

Section 4. Minutes of all meetings shall be made available electronically, or by whatever means necessary.

Article VII - Modifications

Section 1. This document can be modified by a majority vote of the DEFCON body, present and voting at the annual meeting or by a majority vote by the DSG after polling the locals from the Caucus. Modification will be made after, at least, a 30 day notification.

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