Mission Statement

Formed in 1997 in Atlanta, Georgia, AFGE’s Defense Conference was created to meet the growing challenges faced by federal employees working for the Department of Defense (DoD).

Confronted by rampant job losses as a result of contracting out, privatization, public-private partnerships, organizational realignments and regionalizations as well as Base Re-Alignments and Closures (BRAC), AFGE locals representing DoD employees wanted to create a unified force to raise the level of recognition when and where possible and deal with matters of common interest at the service and national levels.

AFGE’s DEFCON is comprised of agency and service level caucuses. These caucuses deal with agency and service level issues of common interest to individual locals. Each Caucus is represented by a Caucus chair; these chairs serve as the members of DEFCON’s Steering Group.

DEFCON serves under the guidance of AFGE’s National President and is committed to work as a cohesive group to promote the principles of increasing AFGE’s political, legislative, and membership strength; increasing AFGE’s capabilities in sharing information and communication; and enhancing our abilities in work place representation.

DEFCON recognizes that meaningful change to the current practice of privatizing the vital services that DoD employees provide to the nation’s defense must occur through legislative change. DEFCON is committed to ensuring the passage of AFGE’s Truthfulness, Responsibility, and Accountability in Contracting (TRAC) Act. In order to secure passage of TRAC, we must ensure that our union and our efforts surpass those of corporate greed and political favors levied against us by those who benefit from the waste, fraud, and abuses in federal sector service contracting.

Building our union, builds our success.

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