Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

AFGE Stands with VA Workers

AFGE salutes our veterans and applauds the patriotic men and women who serve veterans throughout the VA. Every day, these workers strive to make sure our veterans have access to the best healthcare and benefits possible. AFGE ensures that you are taken care of as well by protecting the pay, benefits, and workplace rights you deserve.

What has AFGE done for VA workers?

  • AFGE won Saturday Premium Pay for Title 5 Employees. Click Here for more information on backpay payments.
  • AFGE helped secure billions of dollars in funding for more staff and facilities for veterans in 2014.
  • Encouraged Congress members to close collective bargaining loophole for VA nurses, doctors, dentists, physician assistants, and other front line health care providers
  • Fought to restore collective bargaining rights for VA employees
  • Secured a new collective bargaining agreement for VA employees nationwide in 2011 that has enhanced working conditions for VA employees and strengthened AFGE's working relationship and partnership with the VA

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