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Representing Transportation Security Officers

As the only union to represent and stand behind Transportation Security Officers since the beginning, AFGE is at the forefront of the struggle to secure rights and improve working conditions at TSA. AFGE has taken on TSA in the courts, and before the International Labor Organization, Federal Labor Relations Authority and TSA Disciplinary Review Board over issues including collective bargaining rights, fair personnel systems, merit-based pay and promotion policies, and regular and reasonable work schedules.

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AFGE Is Here For Your Protection

If you are a TSO who has a worker's comp injury, has been a victim of discrimination, or has been retaliated against, AFGE can help.

Call 1-866-392-6832 for more information.

AFGE attorneys, national organizers, and national representatives have represented TSA screening personnel since its inception through the TSA's internal (and non-neutral) grievance procedure, the Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, the EEOC, the TSA's Discipline Review Board (DRB), and the courts. AFGE has directly represented TSOs in hundreds of cases.

Through direct representation, AFGE has not only benefited hundreds of screeners, but AFGE has also had the opportunity to learn about TSA, TSA's interpretation of law, and the resulting lack of employee rights. Each win and each loss exemplifies serious problems at the TSA. To paraphrase one judge in his ruling in favor of the government: although the Agency's practice was not unlawful, it was in no way moral. See Calvin v. U.S., 63 Fed.Cl. 468 (2005).

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