Office of Professional Responsibility Appellate Board (OPRAB)

 (formerly known as the Disciplinary Review Board (DRB))

  • Certain disciplinary actions may be appealed to the TSA Office of Professional Responsibility Appellate Board (OPRAB) pursuant to TSA MD 1100.77-1. The following actions are appealable:

    1. Suspensions of fifteen (15) days or more;
    2. Indefinite Suspension;
    3. Demotions; and
    4. Removals.

Matters Excluded from the OPRAB

  • Probationary employees cannot appeal removal actions.

  • OPRAB does not have the authority to resolve Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) complaints.

    • If an employee believes that an adverse action was prompted by prohibited discrimination, he or she may pursue their complaint through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC); however, the employee cannot bring a complaint in front of both the OPRAB and the EEOC.

Key Components of Appeals

  • OPRAB appeals must contain:

    1. copies of the proposal notice;

    2. the employee's reply (if any);

    3. the decision notice, any documentary evidence relied on;

    4. relief requested; and

    5. a written designation of representation that contains the signature of the TSA employee.

      • A sample statement could be as simple as I, [name], designate [AFGE/representatives name] as my representative for the purpose of filing an appeal on my behalf with the Office of Professional Responsibility Appellate Board. [Signature].

      • The OPRAB will not accept an email as a designation. 

Timelines are crucial

Similar to the grievance process, OPRAB timelines are significant and need to be watched closely.

  • After the Agency issues the Notice of Proposed Discipline, the TSA employee has 7 days to respond to the allegations in writing, if he/she so chooses.

  • Based upon the Proposal and the Response, the Agency issues a Notice of Decision.

  • Once the Decision is issued, The TSA employee has 30 days to file an appeal with the OPRAB.

  • After the OPRAB issues its decision, the employee has 30 days to file a request for reconsideration;however, the OPRAB only reconsiders a decision if it appears that it misinterpreted facts or misapplied TSA policy.

  • Note: the TSA employee can request an extension with the OPRAB.

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